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Dry Humping the American Dream

Released: 01/01/04






Dry Humping the American Dream


  1. Snarling Wrath of Angry Gods [ MP3 ]
  2. Dry Humping The American Dream
  3. Lift Cover, Pull Cord
  4. O.J. Bin Laden
  5. The Polka of Doom
  6. War on Drugs
  7. Should've Gone Before You Left
  8. Dance of the Demented Pigeon
  9. Another World is Possible
  10. Liberation


With in-your-face rock n' roll production, fiery playing, and live energy caught to tape, gutbucket crashes through genre boundaries to create a gripping soundtrack to 2004. gutbucket is fearlessly devoted to unique, pushy melodies, high-energy rhythms, and improvisational adventures. Their vast repertoire courses through playful circular movement, elastic time twists, and rapid-fire banter. This is gutbucket's second release following their debut InsomniacsDream (Knitting Factory Records).

"One of the things we want to do at Cantaloupe is find the people in other parts of the music world who are stretching their boundaries towards us. There is an experimental edge to electronica, to jazz, to pop, and to world music, and we want to help support it. After gutbucket played on the Bang on a Can Marathon this past summer, we knew that they were a good fit for our label. Their unbelievably virtuosic musicianship is in the service of a high-energy post-avant-bop that is right up Cantaloupe's alley. We welcome them to our label."
- David Lang, co-founder of Cantaloupe Music/Bang on a Can

"Their fine new album, Dry Humping the American Dream (Cantaloupe), lays out an aural landscape, and it's a kooky chop-filled one - teeming with a certain benevolent mania, a clearly discernible sense of humor, considerable virtuosity, and not a little imagination."
-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Blends free jazz, hardcore rock, oddball time signatures, and other elements into a cacophonous, humor-laden sound all its own."
-Boston Globe

"Sounds like Raymond Scott's soundtrack for a movie about Frank Zappa, performed by Slayer and Ornette Coleman, only the reels aren't in order."
-Nashville Scene

"...Gutbucket mashes free jazz, jam band rock, funk, heavy metal, and more into a fusion for the 21st Century."
-East Bay Express

"Nothing makes you feel as sane as listening to musicians who are clearly out of their minds.... Like the circus clown who continually pretends he's falling off his unicycle yet never actually does, Gutbucket has a wonderful knack for melting time without ever losing the groove. Would have hurt my ears if I wasn't laughing so hard."
-Guitar Player

"... made up of guys that LOOK like they?d be playing indie rock, but unlike way too many of those cats, THESE cats can play the beejeebers out of their instruments."
- Washington Post

"... the sheer power of Sonic Youth, but they could never play this well ... a real kick in the pants to anyone looking for an easy ride."
- All About Jazz

"Like any self-respecting jazz-thrash-rock-latin-noise band from the dark underbelly of New York, Gutbucket have a peerless way.... There is something smart, sleek and assured about Gutbucket, and when they begin firing on all cylinders it makes for an exhilarating, intelligently performed racket."
- The Guardian (UK)

About the Music

On Dry Humping the American Dream, the band the Village Voice dubbed "stomprovisors" thrashes and twitches (sometimes literally) through 10 cartoonishly complex compositions, injecting a shot of glorious spazmitude into the minimalist cool of Bang on a Can's hip Cantaloupe label. With a raw sound that moves from Latin to thrash, polka, klezmer and back, gutbucket approaches the 10 tracks of Dry Humping The American Dream with an intense ferocity usually reserved for punk, despite their traditionally jazz instrumentation of guitar, saxophone, drums and bass.

Featuring Paul Chuffo (drums), Ty Citerman (guitar), Eric Rockwin (bass) and Ken Thomson (saxophone), Gutbucket recorded Dry Humping The American Dream live in the studio over several days with the intention of capturing the energy and improvisational intimacy of the infamous live sets the band is known for. Since forming in 1999 Gutbucket has built a reputation for unpredictable live shows that feature everything from carefully prepared scores for classic animations, live volleyball games and blindfolded band members, just to name a few. If this all sounds eclectic, it is, and Dry Humping The American Dream captures this energy.

"About half the tunes on this record were recorded at two in the morning on Saturday night," Thomson says. "We hit a stride and did full takes of a ton of stuff. That's when the band was hot, from two to six in the morning. We play live so much that, sometimes, it just works like that. Making an album is really about finding enough time so that we can get to that spot where it's happening."

For more information visit Gutbucket's artist page.