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Music From the Film (Untitled)

Released: 10/13/09





David Lang

Music From the Film (Untitled)


  1. Press Release (Excerpt)
  2. I'm Still Shaking
  3. Cheating, Lying, Stealing (Excerpt)
  4. Ray
  5. Chopin
  6. My Very Empty Mouth (Excerpt)
  7. Gallery Humiliation
  8. Pandas
  9. Sweet Air (Excerpt)
  10. Out of the Taxi
  11. Schoenberg
  12. Beer Inspiration
  13. The Anvil Chorus (Excerpt)
  14. Grieg
  15. Stick Figure Variation
  16. Front Room, Back Room
  17. I'm Not Paying for This
  18. What Do You Have in The Back Room?
  19. The So-Called Laws of Nature: Part III (Excerpt)
  20. Wed (Excerpt)
  21. The Death of Ray [ MP3 ]
  22. Stick Figure (Excerpt)
  23. Wed
  24. Sweet Air
  25. The Anvil Chorus
  26. Cheating, Lying, Stealing


For info on the film visit the (Untitled) official website.

"Lang, once a postminimalist enfant terrible, has solidified his standing as an American master" (Russell Platt, The New Yorker). Indeed, in recent years David Lang has won the Pulitzer Prize and joined the faculty at Yale University.

Now Lang has scored (Untitled), a major independent feature about a composer's life. He writes: "Most of the time film music is in the background, setting the mood or advancing the story in a supporting role. This project was different. Because the leading character is a composer, it is a film as much about musical development as it is about character development. There is the music that surrounds him, the music he composes and performs, the music that comes out of him as the complexity of his emotional life deepens and grows."

The soundtrack combines music composed especially for the film with excerpts compiled from his entire discography on the Bang on a Can-affiliated Cantaloupe Music label. Edited and produced with former So Percussion member, Lawson White, (Untitled)'s soundtrack serves as perfect introduction to Lang's work, a mid-career retrospective of sorts for this composer's composer.

For more information about David Lang, please visit his artist page David Lang.