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Released: 01/12/10





Burkina Electric



  1. Gom Zanga
  2. Sankar Yaaré [ MP3 ]
  3. Naab Koobo
  4. Mdolé
  5. Ligdi
  6. La voix du Boulgou
  7. Bobo Yengué
  8. To Mi To Zi
  9. Saaga
  10. Nongui Taaba
  11. Bana
  12. Ca va chauffer


Burkina Electric is a group of musicians from Africa and Europe led by composer Lukas Ligeti, son of famed Hungarian composer Gy?rgy Ligeti.

Their music draws from the tradition and rhythms of Burkina Faso while incorporating contemporary electronic elements. Lukas explains Burkina Electric's formation:

"I received an unexpected call shortly before finishing university studies in my hometown of Vienna, Austria. The Goethe Institute, Germany's international network of cultural institutes, invited me to West Africa for a collaboration with traditional musicians...[which was] unexpected because I am not German, nor had I ever lived there. However, my friend Pyrolator (Kurt Dahlke) was not only German but a seminal figure in that country's experimental pop music. So I invited him to join me and a grand experiment began.

"We first traveled to Africa's west coast in the mid-90s, making our first attempts at creating what could be called African electronica. On our travels to Burkina Faso we met the singer Ma? Lingani and guitarist Wende K. Blass. Soon, we invited two dancers to help us draw audiences into our unusual rhythms and celebrate the continent's unseverable connection between music and dance."

For more information about Burkina Electric, please visit their artist page here.