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Asphalt Orchestra

Released: 08/03/10





Asphalt Orchestra

Asphalt Orchestra


  1. Frank Zappa: Zomby Woof [ MP3 ]
  2. Goran Bregovic: Champagne
  3. Charles Mingus: The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers
  4. Meshuggah: Electric Red
  5. Bjork: Hyer-Ballad
  6. Stew and Hedi Rodewald: Carlton
  7. Tyondai Braxton: Pulse March


"An iconoclastic 12 piece marching band... part parade spectacle, part halftime show and part cutting-edge contemporary music concert. The playing was coolly brilliant and infectious. And what a scene!"
- Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

Asphalt Orchestra is a radical new street band that brings ambitious processional music to the mobile masses. Created in 2009 by the founders of the "relentlessly inventive" new music presenter Bang on a Can (New York Magazine), Asphalt Orchestra unleashes innovative music from the concert halls, rock clubs and jazz basements and takes it to the streets. Choreographed and tight, this is the future of the marching band.

The 12-piece group of brass and percussion re-imagines the marching band, drawing repertoire from rock, jazz and classical with captivating new arrangements of Bjork, Swedish metal pioneers Meshuggah, American experimental composer Frank Zappa, and jazz legend Charles Mingus.

The recording was made live-in-studio and also includes new music written for the band by Tyondai Braxton (Battles), Stew and Heidi Rodewald (The Negro Problem and Spike Lee's Passing Strange), and celebrated Balkan wedding band master Goran Bregovic.