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Florent Ghys


Baroque Tardif
Baroque Tardif: Soli


Florent Ghys is a French composer born in Lyon, France in 1979. His interests are: hair dryers, weather reports, numbers, girls and blinkers.

He grew up in Bordeaux where he studied in the Music University and in the Conservatoire, and wrote his first pieces in a rock band in 1993. After earning a masters degree in Ethnomusicology on Arabic music, he went to study double bass in Paris with the great classical player Thierry Barbe, where he got the traditional French diplomas for music.

Very interested by experimental and minimalist music, and by what was going on in New York City, he discovered Bang on a Can on the internet in 2004. After releasing two compact discs - Musiques D'ameublement (2004) and Zapostoc (2006) - he went to the Bang on a Can summer camp in 2006, where he met a lot of people who shared his feelings about music.

He has been working with several musicians and ensembles in New York, Paris, Miami, and Bordeaux, including Dither Quartet, Eleonore Oppenheim, Eileen Mack and Abbigail Fischer. As a bass player he was a part of the Paris Opera Orchestra in February 2007.

Missing playing on stage, in 2006 he began to develop an upright bass/laptop solo called "antisolo," where he plays pop-rock-electro hybrid music.

He's currently working on creating his own ensemble, playing with Florent Colautti in a bass/electronics duo called Glo and trying to set up a Hair Dryers orchestra.