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Sentieri Selvaggi


Plays Gavin Bryars & Philip Glass
Music From the Film (Untitled)


Paola Fre, flute
Mirco Ghirardini, clarinet
Andrea Dulbecco, vibraphone
Andrea Rebaudengo, piano
Piercarlo Sacco, violin
Aya Shimura, cello
Carlo Boccadoro, conductor

Sentieri Selvaggi is a group made up of some of the best Italian musicians, united in a
cultural project that wants to bring contemporary music to a larger audience. The group, founded in 1997 by Carlo Boccadoro, Filippo Del Corno, Angelo Miotto, in the following ten years has acquired important successes.

The group has established a close working relationship with composers such as Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, David Lang, James MacMillan and Louis Andriessen, who choose Sentieri
Selvaggi to perform their compositions in Italy, some written specifically for the group.

Sentieri Selvaggi is continuously invited by theatres and music festivals of unquestionable prestige in Italy (Teatro alla Scala, Teatro Regio di Torino, Biennale di Venezia, Amici della Musica di Palermo, Accademia Filarmonica Romana), by some of the most important Italian cultural events (FestivaLetteratura - Mantova, Festival della Scienza - Genova) and by international festivals (Bang On A Can Marathon - New York, SKIF Festival - Saint Petersburg, International Review of Composers - Belgrade, International Festival of Contemporary Music - Tashkent, Uzbekistan - MITO Settembre Musica).

For six years the group has been organizing a contemporary music festival in Milano; in
2005 Sentieri Selvaggi produced a contemporary music season titled Parole (Words), followed in 2006 by Il Femminile (The Feminine). The 2007 Diritto di... Season was dedicated to the theme of rights which have been forgotten, bad-mouthed, struggled for, lost. Each evening was a real voyage into a specific right, with words and music charting its path. In the 2008 Conflitti Season, the ensemble explored the different forms of conflict which characterize the contemporary world and how they are reflected in the creative work of today's composers. The title and theme of group's 2009 season is Musica leggera.

Sentieri Selvaggi regularly produces books and CDs (La Formula del fiore, Bad blood, Musica Coelestis, Child) with the aim of making contemporary music popular. In 2006 the record label Cantaloupe Music released AC/DC, an anthology containing the most representative pieces of Sentieri Selvaggi's previous recordings. In the same year MN records released Michael Nyman's Acts of Beauty performed by the group and Cristina Zavalloni.

In 2007, Filippo Del Corno's CD Hotel Occidental was released. On March 10, 2008, the CD Il Cantante al Microfono (songs translated by Sergio Secondiano Sacchi, arranged by Filippo Del Corno and performed by Eugenio Finardi) was released as an homage to Vladimir
Vysotsky (1938/1980), the great Russian actor, poet and singer-songwriter who was branded by the Soviet Regime during the '60s and '70s as a dissident.

The staging of operas is an important and well-recognized part of what Sentieri Selvaggi does: these productions (such as Orfeo a Fumetti by Filippo Del Corno, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat by Michael Nyman, The Sound of a Voice by Philip Glass), aroused a wide agreement from public and critics. Sentieri Selvaggi concerts have a notable communicative feature: the traditional playbill is substituted by a map made up of brief, recorded, radio-style introductions, which precede each piece.