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Phil Kline


John the Revelator
Zippo Songs
Unsilent Night
Renegade Heaven
Messiah: Remix


"Kline has graduated from 'experimental' to 'original'--he's one of America's most important compositional voices, thanks to his burning urge to communicate, and not things that can be reduced to a charismatic sentence. His pieces become part of your inner life no matter how little you understand them." -- David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer, June 13, 2006

Phil Kline makes music in many genres and contexts, from experimental electronics and sound installations to songs, choral, theater, chamber and orchestral music.

Raised in Akron, Ohio, he came to New York to study English Literature and music at Columbia. After graduation, he became part of the downtown New York arts scene: founding the rock band The Del-Byzanteens with Jim Jarmusch and James Nares, collaborating with Nan Goldin on the soundtrack to The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, and playing guitar in the notorious Glenn Branca Ensemble.

His early compositions grew out of his solo performance art and often used boombox tape players as a medium, most notably Bachman's Warbler for harmonicas and twelve tape loops (1992) and the Christmas piece Unsilent Night, which debuted in the streets of Greenwich Village in 1992 and is now performed annually in dozens of cities around the world.

Other compositions include Zippo Songs, a song cycle based on poems Vietnam vets inscribed on their Zippo lighters, The Blue Room and Other Stories, written for string quartet Ethel, and Exquisite Corpses, commissioned by the Bang on a Can All-Stars.

More recent works include the choral mass John the Revelator, written for vocal group Lionheart; a piano sonata, The Long Winter, written for Sarah Cahill; and scores for three evening-length dance pieces by Wally Cardona: Everywhere, Site and Really Real. The sound installation World on a String opened the season at the Krannert Center in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, in September 2007 and SPACE for string quartet and electronics was performed by Ethel at the gala reopening of Alice Tully Hall in 2009.

2011 has seen the premieres of A Dream and its Opposite, written for the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra and conductor Steven Schick, Canzona a due Cuori, commissioned by the St. Luke?s Chamber Ensemble, and a book of organ pieces commissioned for the gigantic Kotschmar Organ of Portland, Maine. Kline is currently working on an opera, Tesla in New York, in collaboration with writer-director Jim Jarmusch, and Out Cold, a song cycle for Theo Bleckmann and ACME. His music is available on the Cantaloupe, CRI and Starkland labels.

He fields a wide variety of commissions. Recent and upcoming premieres include:

- JOHN THE REVELATOR , an evening-length choral mass for the early music vocal group Lionheart, to premiere November 2006 at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden in New York City.
- CHINOOK, an outdoor boombox spectacle for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.
- EVERYWHERE, an evening-length dance score for the Wally Cardona Quartet, presented by Portland's TBA Festival and BAM's Next Wave Festival.
- SYMPHONY for 21 iPods, installed at ArtMetro for the Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland.
- LOCUS SOLUS, a surrealist music-theater work featuring vocalist Theo Bleckmann, violinist Todd Reynolds, and the Talujon Percussion Ensemble at the Ryerss Mansion Museum in Philadelphia.
- PARTITA for string orchestra. Commissioned by EOS, premiered by Ethel and Red{an orchestra} in Cleveland.
- SITE, a collaboration with choreographer Wally Cardona at Dance Theater Workshop, featuring music performed by 57 members of the Capitol High School Band of Helena, Montana. May 2007.
- WORLD ON A STRING , a large sound installation combined with performances, opening the 2007 season of the Krannert Center, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.
- AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, a 5.01 surround-sound DVD commissioned by the Starkland label.