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Florent Ghys Releases EP, Addresses the Union

Florent Ghys Releases EP, Addresses the Union

January 29, 2010

If you've visited this website recently, then you might have noticed an artist named Florent Ghys on the roster. Today finally sees the release of his first of three EPs for Cantaloupe, titled Baroque Tardif: Soli. For the album, Florent played every instrument himself, recording on multi-track and gradually building the songs you hear on the EP. Florent explains:

I was interested in the idea of breaking the boundary between the composer and the musician, and the feeling I had of sitting in the audience while my music was being played onstage wasn't, to be honest, all that satisfying.

I didn't intend to compose a solo for myself playing the upright bass, nor did I intend to compose a piece for me and a fleet of clones, but I did intend to create a 'multiple-me' ensemble.

I know multi-track recording will never replace live recording, but multi-tracking was an interesting starting point to see if I was going to change my compositional process while writing strictly for me. After all, the instrumentation for the EP was linked only to the instruments I can actually play. I could have an upright bass, a bass, a guitar, an electric guitar, a voice. I could also use a pianino (a small 6 octaves piano) and hit some dishes in my kitchen.

Other than the release of Florent's EP, the other big news this week, of course, is President Obama's State of the Union address. To commemorate both occasions, Florent created his own State of the Union:

In addition to the piece featuring Obama, Florent made a music video for "Clignotants," a track off of Baroque Tardif. The video, embedded from Bang on a Can's Vimeo account, takes a simple concept and builds on it, kind of like his music:

Like all Cantaloupe releases, Baroque Tardif: Soli is available at the Bang on a Can Store. If you'd prefer a digital version (which includes the exclusive bonus track "Phase Parisienne"), you can click over to iTunes.

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