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John Cage @ 100: So Percussion celebrates

John Cage @ 100: So Percussion celebrates

February 13, 2012

Avant-garde composer and pioneer John Cage would've been 100 this year, and there are numerous chances to see his work (even more than usual) because of it, including Cantaloupe recording artist, So Percussion.

So Percussion hosts "We Are All Going In Different Directions--A John Cage Celebration" at Carnegie Hall's Zankel Hall on March 26th. They'll be performing Cage's music, as well as that of Matmos and Cenk Ergun and Dan Deacon's "Bottles."
Tickets available HERE.

It's the last stop in a Cage-dedicated tour, which also visits Boston, Toronto and Austin (info below). On March 27th, recordings from the tour will be released on Cantaloupe as Cage 100: The Bootleg Series, a limited-edition package with a blank 4'33" LP, a CD of "tracks chosen by chance operations" and a full archive of the shows online. Pre-order available HERE.

Other Tour Dates:
February 9: Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts
March 2: The Royal Conservatory, University of Toronto
March 6, 7: The McCullough Theatre, University of Texas, Austin

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