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John Luther Adams <i>Inuksuit</i> Fundraising Campaign

John Luther Adams Inuksuit Fundraising Campaign

April 4, 2012

In June, thirty percussionists will gather at an idyllic studio in the forest of Vermont to record John Luther Adams' Inuksuit, to be released in 2013 on Cantaloupe Music. But we need your help! Check out the Inuksuit Fundraising Campaign, where you can be a part of making this one of a kind recording.

Inuksuit (meaning 'to act in the capacity of the human') explores the questions of how we humans can act creatively with and within our environment. This large-scale work for up to ninety-nine percussionists has ignited a growing sense of possibility and community among musicians and audiences around the world.

Since its premiere in the Canadian Rockies on summer solstice 2009, almost a thousand musicians have worked to bring Inuksuit to life in a range of settings that defies categorization. Many thousands more have enjoyed live performances of this unique piece. Last year's performances at the Armory and in Morningside Park in New York City were chosen among the Top 10 Musical Events of 2011 by New York Magazine and Time Out New York. Alex Ross of the New Yorker called hearing Inuksuit, " of the most rapturous experiences of my listening life."

More info available HERE.

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