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A Happy 50th Birthday to Don Byron

A Happy 50th Birthday to Don Byron

November 18, 2008

Don Byron celebrated his November 8th birthday in grand style last weekend with a successful four-night stand at New York City's Jazz Standard. Digging deep into their archives, NPR's Fresh Air devoted their November 14th online broadcast to Don's performances and interviews to commemorate the occasion. The Wall Street Journal published a nice article detailing Don's entry into the New York jazz scene in the 1980's, his wide range of musical influences, and his various groups (including his klezmer band, Bug Music, the Don Byron Quartet, and Music for Six Musicians).

In other news, work is being finished on an upcoming EP release featuring Don Byron's compositions played by Lisa Moore. Other Cantaloupe releases featuring Don Byron include A Ballad For Many and Ethel's Light.

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