You’re about to listen to a powerful collection of string quartets written by JG Thirlwell, dynamically performed by the brilliant Mivos Quartet. Released collectively under the title Dystonia, they represent Thirlwell’s dark and jagged vision of past, present and future. Although Dystonia refers to a medical condition that causes involuntary contractions of the muscles, I can’t help making associations — Dys-Ton(e)-ia, Dissonance, Dysrhythmia, Destiny. All five works here project different shades of a bodily, psychological, and societal Dysfunction through a bold, insistent music that grabs you and takes you where it wants to go. — Michael Gordon

Produced by JG Thirlwell and Mike Tierney
Recorded at Shiny Things Studio
Engineered by Mike Tierney
Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk

Performed by Mivos Quartet
Olivia De Prato - violin
Maya Bennardo - violin
Victor Lowrie Tafoya - viola
Tyler J. Borden - cello



JG Thirlwell and Mivos Quartet
CD / Digital
Release Date: