No Place to Go But Around


“ alternately seductive and prickly reminder of all the music of Rzewski’s that can no longer be written.” — New York Times

“5 stars. Moore reveals the gamut of her artistry, from the Bjork-like delivery of Andrew Marvell poetry to the thunderous battering of her hapless Steinway.” — The Australian

In tribute to her longtime mentor and friend Frederic Rzewski, the intrepid, iconoclastic and politically active pianist-composer who passed away in 2021, pianist Lisa Moore presents five poignant performances of his most lyrical work. Taking its title from the vibrant, lush and melody-rich No Place to Go But Around (composed in 1974), the recording is of a piece with Moore's wide-ranging 2016 Cantaloupe release The Stone People (the digital version of which featured a bonus track of Rzewski's Piano Piece No. 4, re-recorded in a new performance for this collection), and finds her once again embracing an adventurist streak as she digs deep into the nuances of Rzewski’s timeless music.

“He was blunt, matter-of-fact, frustrating, and brilliant,” Moore recalls in her revealing liner notes for the album. “Yet deep down, he was a real mensch who cared deeply for humanity. His works had strong underlying, or overlying, messages of social justice. He was a bohemian family man, giving most of his meager income to his children and grandchildren. Personally, when I once thought of quitting piano, he encouraged me to keep going — he said, ‘Why stop playing? Don’t waste your investment. Just do other things, too.’ I worked with him closely on De Profundis and To His Coy Mistress. We always got along.”

track listing

01  To His Coy Mistress (4:58)
02  No Place to Go But Around (22:22)
03  Coming Together (19:15)
04  Amoramaro (15:42)
05  Piano Piece No. 4 (8:02)

Lisa Moore - voice and piano

Produced by Lisa Moore with Nick Lloyd
Recorded in 2021 at Firehouse 12, Studio B, New Haven, CT


No Place to Go But Around
CD / Digital
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