Gong Linna

Chinese New Art Music Singers, Founder. She is a unique artistic and innovative spirit of the singer, innovation and development of Chinese songs singing is its artistic ideal and active in the contemporary world music arena. She will be a variety of traditional Chinese singing skills through, and thus the formation of a new with the Chinese contemporary spirit and the voice of the world. This sound comes from the essence of Chinese culture, but it is beyond the traditional unique. Gong Linna after years of painstaking research, singing in the Chinese music innovation breakthrough. Her singing, neither national nor popular, more non-sound, but in the heart of the music on the basis of the works, the flexibility to use a variety of Chinese opera singing and folk songs around the colorful singing, representing the twenty-first century China's new voice. In 2009, Gong Linna won the European "listen to the world music" best concert award. February 2010, at the Beijing New Year concert, Gong Linna and his band singing "apprehension", swept the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, network traffic up to 20 million times. Gong Linna became a street artist known as the street, quickly known by the Chinese public. In 2013, Gong Lina won the New Weekly 2013 China Annual R & B Annual Artist Award.

From 2002 onwards, Gong Lina and German composers gongsong know and began to cooperate, join the five elements of the band, to explore the Chinese new art music, and in the international arena interpretation of Chinese new art music. And in 2003 with the old gong recording, release album "five elements of the glory of the band." In 2005, Gong Lina moved to Germany, and by the German "TFF RUDOLSTADT" music festival, the Finnish national music festival, the French world music festival, the Belgian euro festival and other international music festivals, held several solo concerts. In the same year, she released her second solo album "Walking the Way of Life". In March 2006, "walking the road of life" in the European world music ranking ranked sixth; the same year in December, Gong Linna in the Netherlands modern concert hall held a solo concert. In 2007, released a third solo album "quiet night thinking", and in Germany, Austria held a number of solo concerts. In 2008, Gong Linna for the first time with the string quartet to record his fourth album, "take the West - Chinese folk song." In the same year, in France, Germany, Spain held solo concert tour. In 2009, Gong Linna and the Swiss string quartet, held in the Royal Concert Hall, "Gong Linna - Chinese New Art Song" concert world premiere. In the same year, the release of the fifth solo album "string song rhyme"; and won the European "listen to the world music" best concert award, and in Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands held a personal concert. In 2010, the release of the German string quartet co-recorded the sixth album album "night snow".

As the representative artist of Chinese new music, Gong Linna has worked with several famous world music masters. 2010, the Portuguese government invited Gong Lin and the Portuguese national treasure guitarist Antonio Chainho (Antonio Chainho) and hair and female singer Isabel (Isabel Noronha) to work together to participate in the Shanghai World Expo performances "Acacia". In June the same year, "Acacia" concert in the Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Zhongshan Music Hall, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall, the University of Macau, Shenzhen Poly Theater tour. In September, at the Portuguese Theater, Lisbon City Center Square. In 2011, Gong Linna was invited to participate in the "Shanghai World Music Week" she and the internationally renowned lute virtuoso Wu Man, mouth stringist Wang Li, respectively, to show the integration of Chinese folk music and Western music after the world music trend. 2012 by the London Olympic Organizing Committee invited in the "Asian stage" held a special concert, became the only cultural festival held a special concert Chinese singer. February 2015, Gong Linna invited to participate in the 2015 Beijing TV World Spring Festival Gala. In June 2015, Gong Linna and the world famous new music group Bang On a Can cooperation, and went to New York invited to participate in Bang on a Can marathon concert, performance gong and famous American composer Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe respectively Qu Yuan's works, performances by the "New York Times" concern and highly praised. In July the same year, Gong Linna for the Milan World Expo Nanjing Week's brocade show song opening song.

Gong Linna also committed to the ancient poetry of singing, as well as the traditional vocal excavation and education. In August 2010, Gong Linna launched the "voice action" music project, with her unique training methods, trying to break the Chinese national vocal "thousands of people" situation.