Tomoko Mukaiyama

Tomoko Mukaiyama is a Dutch-Japanese pianist, performer and visual artist based in Amsterdam. By integrating different disciplines into her art-and-music pieces, Mukaiyama investigates the concept of performance and the limits of the concert hall as we know it. Tomoko pushes the boundaries of the classical music world. As a pianist and visual artist, she has a fascination for unconventional contemporary art projects and plays with the conventions around her instrument, her profession, and performance in a broader sense. The core of her work is communicating with the audience in novel ways and settings. As part of this, the musician has collaborated with film directors, designers, architects, dancers and photographers, such as Marina Abramovic, MERZBOW, Jiří Kylián and Michael Gordon. Among her stages are the Royal Concertgebouw, Sydney Opera House, and the Yokohama Triennale.


The Unchanging Sea - Een vooruitblik met soliste Tomoko Mukaiyama