Alarm Will Sound and Q2 Music’s Meet the Composer team up for their first “podcast album”

Monday, March 20, 2017

What happens when the composer shows up to the first rehearsal of his brand-new piece? Would a living Beethoven sue for intellectual property? Are you the hit, or are you in the hole? For this episode of Q2 Music's Meet the Composer, the producers collaborated with the 20-member chamber ensemble Alarm Will Sound and its conductor Alan Pierson — with whom MTC is partnering on the upcoming podcast album Splitting Adams (out April 21 on Cantaloupe Music) — to take a close look at the music of John Adams, specifically his two insanely difficult chamber symphonies. This episode offers unprecedented access to not only to the creative process, but the weird, woolly procedure of putting these massive pieces together.

Preorder Splitting Adams on iTunes here, and get an instant download of Alarm Will Sound's performance of Son of Chamber Symphony (Mvt. 3).