Bang on a Cantaloupe Summer Sale

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
get your summer boac swag this week.

Maybe the heat-haze is getting to us, but we've been gathering oceans of new merch and collectibles all summer.  We're finally ready to share it with you - take your pick from these all-new Bang on a Can Store exclusives!


Can you believe that we've never had Cantaloupe t-shirts for sale online? We couldn't stand a world where that was the case, so we've designed a whole new line of post-minimal garments featuring our favorite geometric designs: the pervasive green Cantaloupe melon, the Bang on a Can rings in monochrome, and the simantra starburst of Michael Gordon's Timber. And the price is right, too; new summer shirts are on sale for just $10 for a limited time! explore apparel

composer autographs

Every year at the Bang on a Can Marathon, we collect composer autographs: hand-drawn music/art that reflects the personality and immediacy within the artist. The collection is conceptually diverse, with new entries from the 2014 Marathon that include Bryce DessnerJ.G. ThirlwellCaroline ShawMarc Mellits and Meredith Monk. All are worthy additions to any new music collection! explore composer autographs

mystery bundles

Back by popular demand, mystery bundles contain a selection of choice Cantaloupe titles from our 13-year history. A hit at the BoaC Marathon, the bundles were sold out after the first hour, and the contents were swapped like trading cards throughout the rest of the day.

We brought them out again for a few days on twitter and all were switfly snatched up again. We're busting them out one more time for just a week, and after that they're gone until the holiday season. grab your mystery bundle fast!

Faces of Water: Limited Edition Aluminum Prints

Moses Hacmon, the artist of behind the brilliant blue abstraction on the cover of Michael Gordon's Rushes, has partnered with the Bang on a Can Store to bring you a series of truly unique made-to-order prints on aluminum.

Faces of Water is part art, part science, part spiritual awakening. It's a breathtaking, unique collection of photographic images of water that transforms and advances our understanding of this life-giving element and exposes a layer of reality previously hidden from sight. reserve your piece now