An Index of Cantaloupe Artist Streams

Friday, February 6, 2015
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It's no longer news that streaming services like Spotify are on the rise as a new paradigm of music acquisition. While the new sets of challenges this presents to artists is bound to be discussed and debated for a while, the reality is that it's hard to argue with the convenience of it all.  Since we want you to hear what our artists are up to – because our artists are making awesome music – a moral stance against streaming something we're not really interested in taking.

To our fans who subscribe or go for CDs, vinyl, or downloads: you're near and dear to us!  And in today's recorded music climate, your purchases are actually an act of going the extra mile. We'll certainly never stop providing music in the formats you desire. 

All of this said, we want it to be super easy to stay in touch with all the latest and greatest sounds Cantaloupe artists have to offer - even the stuff on other labels. And as thrilled as we would be if you bought every single album in the catalog, streaming platforms offer a much simpler method of discovering over 14 years of fresh Cantaloupe sound.

Have yourself a clickfest.