Ethel performs all Wolfe string quartets at Jewish Museum

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The acclaimed contemporary string quartet ETHEL performs the complete string quartets of Pulitzer prize winning composer Julia Wolfe: Dig DeepEarly that SummerFour Marys, and Blue Dress for String Quartet. This is the first performance of all of Wolfe's string quartets at one time, on one stage.  

Julia Wolfe's string quartets, as described by The New Yorker, "combine the violent forward drive of rock music with an aura of minimalist serenity [using] the four instruments as a big guitar, whipping psychedelic states of mind into frenzied and ecstatic climaxes." This performance is presented in conjunction with the exhibition of fellow New York City cultural icon Martha Rosler: Irrespective



Jewish Museum
New York City, NY