'evening morning day', 'where you go', 'solitary', 'again (after ecclesiastes)' performed by Cappella Amsterdam

Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 3:30pm

"Again and again", that is the name of this program, an ode to the life and the people of then and now. People come, people go and the world always exists. Josquin des Prez and David Lang and others sing the cycle of life then and now, from beginning to end, of sorrow and punishment for love, reconciliation and resignation. A program full of reflection, in a sober mise-en-espace.

With a wealth of voice colors, Chamber Choir Cappella Amsterdam reaches its specific homogeneous sound, which makes them one of the top choirs in the Netherlands, but also far beyond. Since 1990 the choir has been under the artistic direction of chief conductor Daniel Reuss.

St. Jacob's Church
Vlissingen, Netherlands