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Whether you're a digital futurist with a music library in the cloud, or an analog listener with a carefully-curated physical collection, Cantaloupe has a fan platform designed to get you new music in the form you want to hear it. 

the cantaloupe patch

We've teamed up with the forward thinkers of Drip to bring you the Cantaloupe Patch, a clubhouse of content for Cantaloupe's web-active fans. From catalog classics to new releases to exclusive cuts of live shows from the Bang on a Can archive, Patch will be your home base for streaming and downloading in any format (including lossless FLAC and WAV), as well as conversing and sharing content with other Cantaloupe fans via the Community page. And just between us - you might find some free tickets floating your way when Cantaloupe artists are playing near you!

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The Cantaloupe Club

Since the beginning of Cantaloupe, we've noticed how there have been some people who just NEED to have every album we put out! So we've designed a program for all of you out there who are lovers of the CD and need to be ahead of the game in the latest and greatest genre-smashing music.

Every New CD. Free Shipping!

With a Cantaloupe Club membership, you get every new Cantaloupe CD mailed to your door, before the official release date.

It's just $10 for your first CD and $10 for each CD thereafter. FREE SHIPPING across the USA. Plus, get an additional any catalog release in our store for $10 each (a 33.3% discount!). Cancel anytime.

International members get 2 discs at a time ($10/disc + $10 shipping).

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Prepaid Memberships

• Get Upcoming Cantaloupe Releases Before They Hit Stores
• Get the next 5 or 10 discs prepaid for just $10/disc (US)
• Free Shipping on US orders (just $5/disc int'l)
• International members get 2 discs at a time ($10 shipping)
• 33% Off All Cantaloupe CDs
• Makes a Great Gift

Give the next year of music from Cantaloupe Music as a gift. Or treat yourself with a pre-paid subscription.

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