Cantaloupe Music has placed music in a wide variety of film, television, advertising, and performing arts productions, including HBO's Deadwood, Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen's Hunger (2008), Paolo Sorrentino's Best Foreign Language film The Great Beauty (2013), and many more. Cantaloupe's diverse catalog of impeccably recorded instrumental music, and a smaller but no less compelling collection of vocal music, positions the label as an emerging creative source for directors, music supervisors, choreographers and producers. From the definitive recordings of works by Steve Reich and Terry Riley to the progressive sounds of New York's Bang On A Can All-Stars, Cantaloupe Music offers edgy, eclectic and visionary music to fit almost any project.



  • HOPENHAGEN / UNITED NATIONS - International TV Ad Campaign
  • NIKE INC. - Exhibit at 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • JAVIER TELLEZ - Internationally acclaimed video artist
  • HUNGER / INDIE - Feature debut by filmmaker Steve McQueen
  • ROADSWORTH / INDIE - Canadian art documentary
  • CLOSER TO THE TRUTH / PBS - Science television series
  • DEADWOOD / HBO - Golden Globe-winning TV series
  • THE RAIN / FILMLANCE INT. - European TV broadcast
  • LADY BY THE SEA / HISTORY CHANNEL - documentary directed by Kent Jones and Martin Scorsese
  • HUBBARD ST. DANCE CHICAGO - World-class dance company