Known for his poignant use of deteriorated archival footage to open new doors of perception about our shared history, filmmaker Bill Morrison has crafted his own detective story out of his latest film music venture with composer David Lang, aptly titled The Village Detective: a song cycle.

8 explores the dimensional quality of sound, as part of a series of works by Michael Gordon that began with Timber for six percussionists, and includes Rushes for seven bassoonists and Amplified for four electric guitarists. 

The long awaited follow-up by John Luther Adams and the Seattle Sympony is here June 14! 

Become Desert is both a celebration of the deserts we are given, and a lamentation of the deserts we create.”

Vicky Chow & Michael Gordon deliver “a delirium state of rare potency” (Pitchfork)

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Vicky Chow joins pianist, composer and critic Ethan Iverson (The Bad Plus) for a Q&A and the video premiere of her filmed performance of Michael Gordon's Sonatra. Join us live on March 7!


Beginning on March 13, Michael Gordon's "loved" returns to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, where the piece will play hourly on the Cherry Esplanade. "loved" will be released digitally on March 12.


In his first return to Yiddish poetry since his Pulitzer-nominated and all the days were purple, composer Alex Weiser turns his focus to the city at night, setting to music three poems by Jewish immigrant poets of the turn of the 20th century.


Writing for the New York Times, Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim digs into the work of John Luther Adams, including his new memoir Silences So Deep and the “...intoxicating introduction to Mr. Adams’s psychoacoustic geology of the spirit” that is The Become Trilogy.


Join us to celebrate the release of Kaki King's latest album Modern Yesterdays with a FREE streamed concert this Saturday, October 24 at 8PM EST.