Cantaloupe Music has placed music in a wide variety of film and television, including HBO's The Mare of Easttown (2020), Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen's Hunger (2008), Paolo Sorrentino's Best Foreign Language films The Great Beauty (2013) and Youth (2015), global advertisement campaigns for Apple, General Electric, and LG, and more. Cantaloupe's diverse catalog of impeccably recorded instrumental music and compelling collection of vocal music positions the label as an emerging creative source for directors, music supervisors, choreographers and producers. From the definitive recordings of works by Steve Reich and Terry Riley to the progressive sounds of New York's Bang On A Can All-Stars, Cantaloupe Music offers edgy, eclectic and visionary music to fit almost any project.


the Bang on a Can Sound

Bang on a Can Sound

Cantaloupe Music has teamed up with publisher Red Poppy Music to launch Bang on a Can Sound, a one-stop shop for music licensing within a unique and vibrant niche. Representing a revolution in classical music, the composers and musicians within the orbit of Bang on a Can, New York City’s “downtown” classical music renegades, have been creating and performing music that spans and redefines genres for three decades.

Bang on a Can Sound's licensing library of over 1000 tracks is equal parts innovative, stark, complex and minimal. Spanning from the symphonic and epic, to the intimate and expressive, this unique catalog is unlike any other music in the world. Composers and artists within the orbit of New York City's downtown music renegades represent a unique and vibrant niche spanning three decades and myriad genres. Beyond film and television, for 30+ years the Bang on a Can sound has been heard in the world's most revered concert halls by leading ensembles, and has received Grammy awards and Pulitzer prizes for music, and Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. 

Easily license both the publishing and master rights simultaneously for any of our recordings.

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