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Since the beginning of Cantaloupe Music, we've noticed that some fans just NEED to get every record we put out. With the discerning listener in mind, we've designed a program to deliver our latest and greatest fresh off the production line, as well as provide a vehicle of support to our label for those who believe in the music of Bang on a Can, John Luther Adams, Sō Percussion, Alarm Will Sound and more.

Whether you're a digital futurist with a music library in the cloud, or an analog listener with a carefully curated physical collection, Cantaloupe has a platform designed to get you new music in the form you want to hear it. Our digital and physical subscription tiers offer fans exclusive windows on free tickets to local events, first offers on limited-run merchandise, and exclusive recordings and video from 30 years of Bang on a Can events unavailable anywhere else.


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Join now and be the first to hear some of the coming year's most promising titles, from Vicky Chow's Sonatra on vinyl, to the Bang on a Can All-Stars' collaborations with Terry Riley, Meredith Monk, and Gong Linna, to Field Recordings, Vol. 2 featuring new works by Ben Frost, Glenn Kotche, Caroline Shaw and more. 

On top of it all, Club members will also get exclusive access to a trove of unreleased live recordings from Bang on a Can's iconic 30-year history! 

• A 20% discount on all our merchandise
• Every new Cantaloupe CD mailed to your door, weeks in advance of the street date
• Be first in line for limited-edition vinyl packages at special Club rates, and tickets to select Cantaloupe shows in your area
• a 30% discount on any catalog CD release in our store, so you can deepen your home library
• FREE SHIPPING across the United States
• The satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting us in a sustainable way

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The Cantaloupe Club (legacy)

Every New CD. Free Shipping!

With a Cantaloupe Club membership, you get every new Cantaloupe CD mailed to your door, before the official release date.

It's just $10 for your first CD and $10 for each CD thereafter. FREE SHIPPING across the USA. Plus, get an additional any catalog release in our store for $10 each (a 33.3% discount!). Cancel anytime.

International members get 2 discs at a time ($10/disc + $10 shipping).

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