Eurydice is the incidental music composed for Sarah Ruhl’s play of the same name, produced in 2008 for the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia, PA and directed by Blanka Zizka. The play recounts the classic story of Orpheus and Eurydice, though this time from Eurydice’s point of view, with Twining beautifully capturing the range of emotion and theatrics in his score for vocals (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone), bass and cello.   

“Like the Chrysalid Requiem, this music is all in just intonation,” explains Toby, who also sings various parts throughout the recording, in his usual mix of voices and extended techniques. “The plot calls for musical development specifically and divides into movements rather than acts. Though the protagonist, Eurydice, is musically inept, the playwright has portrayed Orpheus knowingly—the prototypically romantic, self-absorbed, genius–musician/composer. It would seem Sarah Ruhl conceived Eurydice with music playing one of its essential roles.”   


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