Sentieri Selvaggi - Zingiber

Zingiber marks the 10th album release of Italian ensemble, Sentieri Selvaggi, an ensemble comprising of Italian musicians who have come together for the purpose of sharing contemporary music to a wider audience. Founded in 1997 by Carlo Boccadoro, Filippo Del Corno and Angelo Miotto, the ensemble has been a regular guest at the most prestigious Italian musical seasons and perform at festivals around the world. Aside from producing operas, musical theater and their own festival in Italy, Sentieri Selvaggi collaborates with painters, videographers, actors and choreographers and continuously strives to bring contemporary music outside of traditional concert halls. 

Zingiber represents an important growth in the history of the ensemble - cultivating a global awareness to an emerging generation of Italian composers, as well as paying tribute to two of the most celebrated and influential Italian composers of the 20th century: Luciano Berio and Franco Donatoni. The title takes its name from a composition by Carlo Boccadoro, founder and conductor of Sentieri Selvaggi and eclectic figure of contemporary Italian culture. Zingiber, which is Latin for "Ginger", underlines the irreverent character of the piece and the record - a dash of ginger with frantic bells, cows, mechanical birds, whistles and a polyrhythmic clashes of various objects. The tracks move between different musical languages and very different moods - strong incisive rhythmic compositions are intermixed with more reflective pieces. Hints of minimalism and popular music give way to more complex and intricate structures that give life to a colorful mosaic of various sounds and atmospheres, fully exploring the virtuosity of the performers. 


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