Synergy Vocals

Synergy Vocals is a unique pool of voices covering a broad spectrum of musical genres and working primarily on microphone. Providing bespoke teams of vocalists for amplified concerts, recordings and soundtracks, Synergy Vocals has, over 15 years, earned a worldwide reputation for excellence.Blend of sound is one of our primary concerns, so that we are never simply a disparate group of session singers. Bearing in mind that every singer has a distinct individual timbre, combinations of voices are selected extremely carefully in order to achieve the specific vocal sound required for each project. We take the time to liaise with composers and conductors to establish exactly what sound they have in mind. Our in-house director, Micaela Haslam, then works with each team to achieve that sound prior to the first general rehearsal.All our singers are accomplished, versatile musicians, renowned for their professionalism, enthusiasm (and rhythm!) Whilst having the flexibility of an unlimited pool of singers, our aim is always to generate the team-spirit of a fixed ensemble through enjoyment, commitment and hard work.We also take pride in our efficient administration. Our wealth of experience guarantees a smooth-running and stress-free working environment.