Yungchen Lhamo

Since her 1989 pilgrimage on foot from her beloved homeland of Tibet, Yungchen Lhamo has emerged as the world's leading Tibetan vocalist. From the quays of Sydney, Australia to the spotlight of New York City's Carnegie Hall, her soul-stirring a cappella performances have enchanted audiences in more than 70 countries and garnered critical praise worldwide.

Lhamo lived first in Australia, then emigrated to the United States, eventually settling near New York City. Following the 1995 release of her breakthrough album Tibetan Prayer, which won the ARIA Award (Australia's equivalent of the Grammy Award), she was signed to Peter Gabriel's Real World Records label, and has since released three widely acclaimed albums -- Tibet, Tibet (1996), Coming Home (1998) and Ama (2006).

Lhamo has recorded with Natalie Merchant (on her platinum-selling solo album Ophelia), and has recorded or performed with Philip Glass, Annie Lennox, Michael Stipe, Billy Corgan, Bobby McFerrin, Sheryl Crow and many more. Her songs have been featured on compilation albums that include Prayer Cycle and Lilith Fair Live, as well as the soundtrack to the Hollywood film Seven Years in Tibet, and several documentaries. 


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