Apple Ad Features Bang on a Can All-Stars

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Bang on a Can All-Stars, shot on iPhone 6

This timelapse film of an avian formation by Herbet S. of Utrecht is backed by the cascading arpeggios of the Bang on a Can All-Stars

The Bang on a Can All-Stars can be heard soundtracking Apple's latest commercial for the "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign. Gene Takes a Drink, a composition of Michael Gordon's penning from their newest album Field Recordings, backs a short video by the semi-anonymous "Herbert S." depicting a timelapse of a chattering of starlings flying in abstract formation. The beautifully orchestrated cascading arpeggios were paired with the film to highlighting the latest iPhone's high-res  variable framrate video camera. We think the two were paired well! See for yourself. 

Shot on iPhone 6 by Herbert S.