Trailer: Sorrentino's 'YOUTH', scored by David Lang

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Paolo Sorrentino's Youth

Paolo Sorrentino’s new film YOUTH is scored entirely by David Lang.

Last year, Italian director Paolo Sorrentino took home the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with The Great Beauty, which featured several tracks by David Lang, including the iconic opening scene backed with Lang's i lie. The duo realized their artistic synergy and collaborated again in the forthcoming YOUTH, and this time, Sorrentino used Lang's work just (after song of songs) as well as several new tracks composed for the film.

 YOUTH premieres in Italy this May - check back here for updates on screenings elsewhere in the world. 

The track in the trailer is the just-released just (after the song of songs), sung by Trio Mediaeval. Hear the full 12-minute piece here: