It Is Time


It Is Time marshals the virtuosity of the individual members of So Percussion to speed, slow, warp, celebrate and mourn our perceptions of time. Each of the four sections of the piece is a mini-concerto for one of the players. First Eric Beach leads the music in a multi-percussion set up composed of metronome with delay, pump organ, bells, china cymbal on hi-hat stand and a few other assorted toys. Josh Quillen follows on steel drums, Adam Sliwinski on marimba, and Jason Treuting on drumset. This release includes a CD and full-length performance DVD with video by Mark DeChiazza.


on It Is Time

It Is Time was inspired by my young son Jasper (now 30 months old). As an older father (now 664 months old) I felt, for the first time in my life, saddened by the immutability of time and the finite limits to how much of It I will be able to spend with my young family. It Is Timefantasizes that we might have agency with respect to time. An African poet named Isaac Maliya wrote a poem called "Time is Time." The first stanza - "Time sits, Time stands, Time is Time" - suggested a terse melody that became a dominant lyrical element in the piece. It is first unveiled in the Steel Drum movement but shards of it permeate much of the music." – Steve Mackey


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So Percussion: Steve Mackey's IT IS TIME