Nine Numbers


Sō Percussion co-founder Jason Treuting flexes his compositional chops with Nine Numbers — a sprawling work that taps into the mysteries of sudoku, the Japanese puzzle game, as a source for rhythmic exploration. Relying on percussive uses of voice, electronic and acoustic instruments, and various blocks, bells, drums and other surfaces, Treuting folds melody, movement and the plosive mechanics of speech into an ebbing and flowing sound environment that digs deep into the notion of what connects numbers to human nature, and vice-versa.

Featuring performances by Percussion, Meehan/Perkins Duo, Tigue, Troika Percussion and more, Nine Numbers is pressed in a limited edition double-LP package, mixed by Jonathan Low and mastered by Ryan Schwabe.

Produced by Jason Treuting and Jonathan Low


Jason Treuting
Nine Numbers
Double LP / Digital
Release Date: 

Jason Treuting (feat. Sō Percussion): Nine Numbers #4 - Part 1

Jason Treuting (feat. Sō Percussion): Nine Numbers #4 - Part 2