Sound from the Bench

Ted Hearne – Sound from the Bench

...a siren call that resonates with unusual passion in these politically charged times.

As one of the most socially conscious young composers in contemporary classical music, Ted Hearne has drawn on a multitude of influences to create Sound from the Bench—his first project for Cantaloupe Music.

Written for the supple, ethereal voices of Philadelphia’s world-renowned chamber choir The Crossing, the four works presented
here tap into themes as varied as racial divides (Privilege), government secrets (Ripple), love and its dark permutations
(Consent), and corporate personhood in the eyes of the US Supreme Court (Sound from the Bench).

The title piece also features the edgy electric guitars of Dither’s Taylor Levine and James Moore, as well as the rhythmic flourishes of percussionist Ron Wiltrout. Taken as a whole, this is some of Hearne’s most wide-ranging and adventurous work—a siren call that resonates with unusual passion in these politically charged times.


Ted Hearne & The Crossing
Sound from the Bench
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