Drummer, composer, bandleader and improviser Bobby Previte is known for his voluminous contributions to New York’s legendary downtown experimental music scene – an immensely fertile period in the 1980s that saw the likes of Steve Reich and Philip Glass breaking new ground with Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time, Bang on a Can and many more.

Now with nearly four decades under his belt as a creative force behind the drumkit, Previte has assembled a dream team of musicians from the jazz, indie rock and classical worlds to create TERMINALS, a luminous project consisting of five concertos for percussion ensemble and soloists, each inspired by the schematic-like terminal maps that Previte has noticed in airports around the world. The eternally adventurous So Percussion accompanies throughout, as Nels Cline (Wilco), John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood), Zeena Parkins and Greg Osby take turns in the forefront to deliver an electrifying part-composed, part-improvised workout spanning two vinyl pieces. 

In the liner notes to the LP, pressed in a deluxe double-gatefold package, Previte breaks down the influences that inspired the project. “Terminals is a collision between, and a celebration of, two worlds. In clichéd terms: the precise, unflappable, ‘classical’ percussion ensemble meets the wild, uncontrollable, ‘jazz’ master improviser in the forum best suited to such a meeting, the concerto – a schizophrenic word whose etymology is much debated but in Italian means to ‘join together,’ while in Latin means to ‘contend.’ These two worlds happily co-exist in my mind. This is the country in which I live.”

Track listing:

Side A | Terminal 1 | Zeena Parkins | 18:11
Side B | Terminal 2 | Greg Osby | 16:00
Side C | Terminal 3 | Nels Cline | 17:58
Side D | Terminal 5 | John Medeski | 17:37

with Terminal 4 | Bobby Previte | 13:02 (available as a digital-only exclusive)


Bobby Previte ft. Sō Percussion
Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 

Sō Percussion ft. Bobby Previte & John Medeski - "Terminals" ALBUM RELEASE SHOW

Bobby Previte's TERMINAL 4 - So Percussion and Bobby Previte