Where (we) Live


...an exploration of So's outermost artistic boundaries, as well as a re-examination of comfort zones.

Masters at crafting alluring sonic landscapes from the most unlikely found objects, So Percussion explores the idea of home with bold experiment in collaborative art-making. Where (we) Live is a multi-media, multi-artist, fully-staged theatrical event and album featuring music written by Brooklyn-based quartet So Percussion (Adam Sliwinski, Eric Beach, Jason Treuting, Josh Quillen) and special guest singer/songwriter/guitarist Grey McMurray (itsnotyouitsme, (k)nights on earth). A celebration of community and collaboration, Where (we) Live is an exploration of So's outermost artistic boundaries, as well as a re-examination of comfort zones. 

"For eight years, So Percussion has made our home in Brooklyn amid two million five hundred thousand others. In our city, each of the group's four members has constructed a personal ecosystem we call home. These homes are bound by space, time, sound and image. Equally, these spaces house rewarding, frustrating, supporting, damaging, tangible and never understood relationships. When we leave those homes, our four members unite to create another artistic home, with its own unspoken rules and expectations; its own rhythm of interaction, it's own banalities and mystery. Where (we) Live questions all these homes by purposefully inviting the unknown to 'come on over'." 

As a live event, So Percussion has invited video artists, songwriters, painters, choreographers, directors (including Martin Schmidt (Matmos), Ain Gordon and Emily Johnson) and others to substantively alter their process. The resulting performance contains a society of possibilities: composed pieces, chance elements, visual associations, and theatrical interactions. 

The core of the experience, however, is the album itself; a distillation of the performance as it has evolved. Where (we) Live represents the 8th album release from So Percussion on Cantaloupe Music,spanning nearly a decade of creating music that explores all the extremes of emotion and musical possibilities. 

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Where (we) Live
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